Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Organization for Art Teachers

There are all kinds of organizational tools for teachers on the Internet.  My school is going as paperless as possible, but as much as I LOVE technology (especially organizational technology!) there are times when "old school" is quicker and more efficient (at least for me!) I definitely did not create this idea out of thin air, but thought it might be fun to share the  organizational binder I created to keep my school life running smoothly. 

To make my binder I used:  a black 3 ring binder, colorful scrapbook paper, sheet protectors, file/tab stickers, three hole punch, and card stock.

I divided my binder into 5 sections:  Grades, Grading Info, Misc. School Info, Schedules, and Curriculum.  I used different patterns of scrapbook paper in a sheet protector and tab stickers to mark each section.  

GRADES:  This is where I keep current grades.  We use an online grading program, but its so much easier for me to write it down as I grade and then transfer it online later.  Plus, then I have a copy of my grades if something should go wrong online (its been known to happen…)  

This is the link to the site 
where I print my gradebook pages. I use little masking tape tabs to mark each class’s page.  When a term is over I move these sheets to the GRADING INFO tab. (see below.)

GRADING INFO:  I create a new set of grade sheets for each term (or quarter - we’re on a block schedule so that’s our terminology) so I keep earlier terms under this tab, along with any other grading information, online grading tips, and a copy of our grading scale.  I also have a large stock of blank grading pages so when the new term comes around, I just have to move them to the GRADING tab and begin.

MISC. SCHOOL INFO:  This is where class lists, committees, and a variety of other information goes.  A lot of our info is now paperless, but if it is something important that I will refer to frequently, I will make a paper copy.  We have a great internet connection, but there are still times when our wifi goes down and it helps to be prepared.

SCHEDULES:  School calendar, Professional Development, lunch duty, hall duty, etc…  You get the idea. 

CURRIC:  This is where I put my weekly lesson plans (as described here) when the week is done. You could keep them here all of the time, but I like to have them on a separate clipboard during the week they are in use.

I also have a list of the projects we will be doing for each class.  This just helps me as I plan ahead.  Its a VERY working document, as I rearrange and substitute as needed due to time challenges, conflicts, class interests, etc.  

The great thing about this binder is that it is simple, efficient, inexpensive and can be tailored to individual needs.  I love having everything in one spot.  I have a similar digital notebook on my Evernote account, but sometimes old school is just right!   Happy Organizing!