Thursday, November 20, 2014

Top 10 Things Art Teachers Can Be Thankful For!

It is the season to be thankful!  In honor of that… here is my list of the Top 10 Things Art Teachers Can Be Thankful For (not necessarily in order):

1. Getting to witness that breakthrough moment when a student understands a concept or skill or gets an awesome idea .

 2. Watching students mentor each other as a natural part of classroom behavior.

 3. Those days when everyone in the class is completely into their project and working quietly as music plays peacefully in the background. This is NOT an every day thing…but when it happens, it is heaven. 

 4. Seeing, hearing or reading something that gives you a new idea to try with your students - inspiration is the greatest feeling!

 5. Teachers, administrators, parents, and community members who get it!  They understand that we’re not just playing in the Art room - we are using our brains in different and important ways that will help students succeed in the 21st century.

 6. Our Art students…even though we have to cajole, push, persuade, encourage and stand on our heads sometimes to get them to learn new things… the resulting confidence gained from these accomplishments is so worth it!

 7. Pinterest.  Seriously.  I taught for many years before Pinterest came into being.  There is just not a better way to find ideas, get information and keep it all organized. Love it.

 8. Snow days and summer.  This job is awesome - but we definitely need to recharge and refresh to keep ourselves creative and inspired.  Those little and bigger breaks sure help!

 9. Art room camaraderie.  Building connections. Helping each other out.  Multi-age fun.  It all works in this atmosphere.

10. Chocolate.  Just ask my students - they know me.  I believe there are very few problems that chocolate cannot make a little better.

Happy Thanksgiving!