Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Elements and Principles of Design Posters

When I introduce the Elements and Principles of Design to students, I always tell them they’ve been using these concepts ever since they picked up their first crayon and made that first scribble. As their skills have grown, so has their use of this excellent art framework. 

In 7th Grade Art, we study these ideas a little more seriously, discussing each one and looking at examples of the Elements and Principles in use. 

I’ve done several different kinds of projects to highlight these concepts, but this year I decided to just keep it simple.  

Students were asked to create a “teaching poster" that 
visually explains the Elements and Principles of Design. 

The Elements: Line, Color, Shape, Form, Value, Texture, Space
The Principles: Contrast, Rhythm, Pattern (or Repetition), Emphasis, Balance, Movement, Unity (and Variety)

The stipulations include the following:

*  Students choose a simple shape for the Elements and one for the Principles.  These could be the same or different shapes.  They then create a template of this/these shapes out of oaktag so tracing several is quick and easy.

*  Using 18x24 paper, illustrate each concept in each shape and label it accurately. Keep the Elements and Principles separate on the poster.  Pay attention to composition by playing with the arrangement of shapes and striving for balance.

*  Use block lettering to label each group of concepts.

*  Color boldly using colored pencils and outline in thin markers.

These were really fun to look at when the students were done.  Personalities came through in each one. Although these concepts can be studied for a lifetime...when finished, students had a better grasp of what the Elements and Principles of Design are all about. Happy Creating!