Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Weekly Lesson Plan Template

Annnnnnnd we’re back!  After a relaxing summer full of family, friends, a little bit of travel and a whole bunch of books, its great to be back in the classroom!  My brain didn’t shut down as much this summer as it sometimes does, but I still feel refreshed and revived, with lots of fun new ideas and info to use with the kids. Woohooo!! 

To start things off, this summer I designed a new weekly lesson plan template.  I’ve tried several different approaches to weekly lesson plans.  For years I used the standard lesson planner that the school issued.  It never quiet fit the way my classes ran, but I made it work.  I’ve ordered some from Amazon, created my own in various configurations, and tried some online lesson plan websites. 

This one takes what I’ve learned from all of those and condenses it into one sheet. Using my dear friend Picmonkey, I even made it colorful! :-)   Let me make clear that this is NOT for those detailed notes I might write to myself about a certain lesson.  This is an overview for the week that I can glance at and get a picture of what we’re doing and what’s coming up.  I have it on a clipboard on my desk, but I also made a PDF version so I can type it if I want to, and keep it on my laptop desktop instead. 

Here's the blank version that I can upload to Picmonkey to add the class labels for that semester.

I love trying new organizational tools!  Designing new ones is almost as much fun as creating a new art project…isn’t that weird? Ah - whatever!  Since I have to stay organized to survive, I might as well enjoy it! :-)

P.S.  Bonus!  Here's the weekly calendar I made for home, too.  My husband can't handle the overload of information that is our family calendar so he gets a week at a time, tacked to the fridge where everyone can check in on it and know who is coming and going. :-) (I told you I was an organizing geek!)

Happy planning!