Friday, December 12, 2014

Holiday 3D Collages

I LOVE doing open ended projects with my elementary students.  They just flourish with the freedom these kinds of projects give them and it is so cool to see what they will come up with!

At this time of year, 
they have LOTS of energy and its time to harness that energy in a creative endeavor.  My fifth graders were given the opportunity to celebrate the holiday and winter season by creating a winter or holiday scene of their own design with cut pieces of construction paper.  I gave them each five
3D O’s to put behind various objects in their collage, making them pop out.

 They LOVED this!  The novelty of getting to have parts of their artwork instantly become a little more three dimensional was so fun for them and seemed to spark their creativity.  Isn’t it interesting how little unique things like this can open a door of wonder and self expression in elementary kids (and big kids, for that matter!)?  Who doesn’t love a fun process?