Monday, May 11, 2015

Using Evernote for Art Portfolios

At the end of the first semester this year,  I shared my LOVE of Evernote  (tutorial links in that blog post) with my advanced high school art students and showed them how fabulous it could be to help them stay organized when they go off to college in the next year or two.  
I also showed them how awesome it can be as a place to store their artwork by asking them to create a student Art Portfolio and write an analysis of their work this year.  They had to include this year’s work, but I also gave them the option to include work from other years and many of them added work from 7th grade on up! (Don’t you LOVE those kids who keep their work from every year of Art??  Makes my heart happy!)
View of the online version of Evernote

To get their work into Evernote, I gave them tips on photographing their work and enhancing those tired photos in iPhoto.  We kept it simple by asking them to crop it to the image, and hit the “wand” to enhance color and value.  

In their analysis I asked them to talk about where they could see growth in their artwork and what areas they still needed to work on.  This analysis was written as a separate “note” in the Student Portfolio “notebook.”  


Once they are done, they just "share" it with me by emailing me a link to their notebook.  I can then download it into my Evernote account.  

It has been so eye opening to see how far they have come and to read their remarks and comments.  They are typically hard on themselves, so it was great for them to witness the progress they continue to make with their skills and creative vision.  

View of the downloaded Evernote desktop app

Another nice part of this setup with Evernote is that it automatically goes with them when they graduate.  Other programs that are tied to school accounts make it hard to take all of that work with them when they leave.

Once students have done this once, they can just keep adding to it from year to year. I plan to make it part of the "end of the semester" routine each year.

This will be the last post before we wrap up the school year.  
Happy Summer everyone!!  See you in the fall!! :-)