Friday, May 22, 2015

I DID IT! One Artwork a Day Challenge

I know I said I was done blogging for the school year, but I just had to share this...I DID IT!  With the encouragement and interest of my awesome students, I created one new artwork per school day for the whole school year (as referenced here and here.)  Some of them are not great...and others have inspired me to create a larger piece exploring an idea further. 

The kids and I had some awesome discussions centered around this endeavor and if nothing else, showing them how to set a goal and work to achieve it, even when inconvenient and difficult, was a good thing. I also learned, for myself, that you have to create through the good ideas and the bad ones. If you just keep going, your voice, your muse, your inspiration comes through; definitely a message for me to remember! 
Once again...Happy Summer!