Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Mixed Media Process

Teaching students mixed media can be daunting.  There are so many processes and techniques that can be combined in endless ways!  Sometimes it is paralyzing for students who don’t know what to do next or if they like the layer they’ve created and don’t want to “mess it up.”  I have many good books, websites and Youtube videos that give students info and ideas, but getting them to try new things was like pulling teeth!  

So, inspired by the book “Paint Mojo” by Tracy Verdugo
I created this layered mixed media project that walks students through the thought process of creating by giving them instruction, but also some lateral movements within the work for their own self expression.

Here are the instructions given to students:  

LAYER 1:  Choose 3 acrylic colors and paint a canvas board in blended patches. Add pieces of newspaper, phone book pages, dictionary pages (or another paper of your choice) and using Mod Podge, add them to the piece.

LAYER 2:  Design five or more “personal icons” (personal symbols) and make notes on what they mean to you.  (Put in sketchbook.)  Icons are then painted on and stamped on using pieces of styrofoam with the icon drawn into them. You may repeat icons as needed.

LAYER 3:  Add lettering in some way. (Make stencils and paint, find larger magazine words and attach, or research other interesting ways to add.) Putting a positive spin on any wording you add is a nice touch!

LAYER 4:  Finish up by adding whatever it needs to look complete.  This may be several layers or just one more…  Be creative and try interesting processes to come to an interesting, textured, unique mixed media piece.

Happy Creating...and Happy Holidays!!