Thursday, October 22, 2015

An (Almost) Free Standing Desk

Have you seen the research on the use of standing desks? If not, check this out More focus, better health, more energy, etc, etc!

I tend to roam the room with my younger classes (and they have more needs and questions) than with my high school students.  I try to check in on them every 15 minutes just to make sure they are on track, but I do not like to hover (as discussed in this post) which means I like to work at my desk along with my students.

So I decided to try the “standing desk” craze.  After doing a little research and looking at costs, I figured out a way to make one for (almost) FREE!  

A couple of random boxes, some hot glue and some wood patterned Contact paper ($4) and VOILA!  A standing desk of my own!  My students enjoyed teasing me (“WHAT are you making?”), but the work space size is perfect, the height works well and I really like it!  As I was explaining this concept to questioning kids, they said…”You mean like a podium?” Yes - I know its like a podium, but I do NOT have room for one more piece of furniture in my room!  This baby is portable, can be easily set aside when I want to sit at my desk, and it works great!

I wrapped the bottom and top separately so that I can still use the box if I want to.  Right now, I have a couple of books in there, just to give the base a bit more stability.  

I’m considering making more of these for students in my room who would enjoy working standing up.  How fun is it to make something out of (almost) nothing?

Happy Creating!