Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Creative Turkey

GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE!  One thing I really like about teaching younger students along with my high school students is that we get to celebrate the seasons through our art.  This is much less common in the older grades, and since I’m a holiday freak, I think its a blast to find or design new projects for the seasons and holidays.

This fourth grade project is a fairly common idea - we just put our own spin on it.

I start out giving the students a guided drawing tutorial for the turkey body.  We
look at some photos
of real turkeys and then some cartoon turkeys.  We talk about making our own interpretation of the turkey body and then practice drawing it together.  
Along the way we learn some fun new “turkey” vocabulary. Why not? The words sound kind of silly and are fun to say. :-)  

I then give them a piece of 12x18 paper and a simple template for feathers and ask them to trace six of them.  We look again at the photos of the turkeys and notice the arcing patterns on the feathers.  Using watercolors,  students paint the feathers in whatever patterns and colors they choose and also paint the turkey body. 

After their paintings dry, they cut out all of the pieces and glue them to a colored piece of paper and Voila!  We are ready for Thanksgiving!  

Happy Gobbling!