Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Art Thinking: Before you turn that project in...

A short post before we all begin celebrating our Thanksgiving weekend!  Below is a sign I created to hang on my big red "project turn in box."  Its a little something to get  my middle school and high school students to stop and think before they say, "I'm done with that."  It is also something I can come back to when we discuss a grade.
We can look through that list together and think about what could have been done to improve the project, and therefore, their grade. 


 Have you SIGNED your work? 

 Do you have any smudges or messy areas  
    that need to be CLEANED up?

 Do you have good CONTRAST between lights  
    and darks? (either color or black and white)

 Is the COMPOSITION complete?  Does it  
    need something else?

 Does the COLOR work?  Does it need  
    another color to make it more interesting?

 Have you done what the assignment ASKED?

 Have you filled out your evaluation   

Here's wishing you a holiday filled with family, food and fun.