Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Zentangle Collage

As I stated in an earlier post, Zentangles are hot now and we Art teachers are having a great time finding creative ways to use them.  Here’s another example of how we’ve played with them in my high school classes.  

Using acrylic paint, students make textural papers that they then cut up and use in a nonobjective collage.  They are directed to think about the use of shape, color, repetition and balance in the creation of these pieces.  
Notice how I didn't have my example Zentangle done
so its "hidden" among the painted papers? Tricky, huh?

As they are working on their papers, they are also creating a Zentangle that will be cut up and used in the collage.  
Knowing they are going to cut up their piece is sometimes a blessing (because they can hide parts that don’t work well) and sometimes drives them crazy (when the piece as a whole looks great and they don’t want to “ruin” it.) 

The challenge comes in layering the collage in such a way that the Zentangle pieces stand out, but also look like they belong with the painted pieces. I always enjoy seeing how the kids will solve the design problems they encounter.  I can almost see the wheels turning in their heads - and that does my heart good. As I often say, “That’s why Art is good for your brain!” :-) 

I hope you are having fun figuring out interesting ways to incorporate Zentangles into your curriculum.
Happy Creating!!