Thursday, October 3, 2013

Homecoming Part 2 - School Spirit Doodles and Patterns

Zentangles and black and white doodles of all kinds are very popular right now.  As art teachers, we are all finding many fun ways to incorporate them into projects for students of every age group.  

One of the options for my 6th graders to create for Homecoming was a doodle similar to a zentangle.  They could use black or blue and gold (our school colors.)  There were lots of options for what they would be decorating, from our mascot logo (like the one they learned to draw here) to some “school spirit” lettering and everything in between! 

This was the first time I had done these doodles with a younger group of students.  My high school students really enjoy it (I will be posting one of their new projects soon) and have a good grasp of balancing lights and darks and varying patterns. 

The younger students started out strong, although some lost their patience towards the end and rushed to finish.  I will continue to tweak this in the future, but overall, students were happy with their results.  
It was a fun way to celebrate Homecoming in the Art room!

                                        GOOOOOOOO WILDCATS!!!!