Thursday, January 22, 2015

Senior Squares on the Ceiling

When you teach fourth through twelfth grade, being a senior in the Art room is a big deal! Those advanced classes are so fun to teach.  Its neat to see how far students have come - and how much further I can push them before they graduate.  
One way we help our Art seniors to feel special is through the creation and display of Senior Squares. 
We have a lovely dropped ceiling like this…

So our seniors each create an artwork on a 23" x 23 ½" piece of paper.  There are just a few requirements:  they must include their name (in block letters), class of 2015 and any patterns, objects or designs that help to express themselves and their lives.  When finished, artworks are tucked into the tiles and displayed on the ceiling.

The younger students love to check them out and talk about what they will create when they make their square. Isn't it funny how those simple little traditions come to really mean something to the kids?  

Happy Teaching!