Thursday, September 4, 2014

Creative Challenge: Illustrated Dictionary Pages

As I talked about last year, I like to start the year with a relatively simple and short Creative Challenge for my high school students to get the juices flowing and warm up all of the Art skills that may have been dormant during summer break.  Here’s the simple, yet fun idea we tried this year - as inspired by several versions of mixed media dictionary pages on the Internet.

I started by ripping random pages out of an old dictionary and handing them out.  I told them they should choose one word from either side to illustrate on their dictionary page.  The most fun part for the kids was seeing what page they were going to get!  Ahhh…don’t you love random inspiration?  

Students were welcome to use pencil, pen, colored pencil, markers and watercolors.  These four examples are from the freshman Art 1 class.


And now its time to dive into our curriculum!  Here we go!!
Happy new school year!