Wednesday, April 9, 2014

An Oldie but a Goodie... Crayon Batik!

Its SPRING!  And I think anyone who lived through this past nasty winter is VERY ready for it!!  We decided to celebrate it in the Art room with the 4th graders’ art project.  Its an oldie but a goodie…crayon batik!! 

We start with a little background info on fabric batik and look at some examples from different cultures. 

The process - although I’m sure you already know it - is to simply color heavily on printer paper (heavier paper does not seem to work as well) and outline each object in black crayon.  We chose to do a “Spring” theme because we were all very excited that its starting to warm up and we can be OUTSIDE! 

After coloring every single part of the paper with crayon (anything left white will turn black/gray)
students gently “crinkle” the paper by balling it up and flattening it out a couple of times.

Then we paint!  We cover the paper with watered down black tempera paint and then gently wipe the excess off with paper towels.  It settles beautifully in the creases and gives a lovely batik effect.  The “wow factor” of having the kids paint over their crayon art with black paint is pretty cool…they kind of freak out - until they see how neat these turn out. I love introducing them to new processes and ways of creating! 

Happy Spring!!