Monday, March 17, 2014

Clay Cupcake (Muffin) Pedestals

I saw a photo on Pinterest with the title “Cupcake Pedestal” (just a photo, no website that I could find or I would link it…) and fell in love!  Since 7th graders (and ALL PEOPLE EVERYWHERE!) like to eat, this was a great way to add a little snack incentive to a really fun clay project.  I kept the parameters of this piece pretty open to allow for quite a bit of self-expression.

We looked at pedestals throughout history and talked a little bit about what they are used for.  We sketched ideas and I asked them to design their pedestal with at least three sections.  They could use pinch, coil and slab techniques to create any and all parts of their piece.  I gave demonstrations for all three.

When all the clay pedestals were glazed and fired, it was time to eat!  Since we are an early morning class, we decided muffin pedestals would be better for us than cupcakes.  
Food and Art...two of my favorite things - what a combo!

Happy Snacking!