Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Set Painting: The Wizard of Oz

We are painting sets!!  Oh the joys of being a supportive high school art department!  While this is not my favorite job - nor is it an artistic strength of mine -  we are doing our best to create an awesome atmosphere for our musical and theatrical classmates and teachers as they present The Wizard of Oz. 

We haven’t done a large musical for several years, so this is a process of reminding myself how to go about this creative undertaking in a way that is most beneficial to all of us.

We are continuing with our regular curriculum, but taking individual classes here and there to work on each of the four scenes.  Most of the students have enjoyed helping with this endeavor - and many of them are also in the play, so that adds extra incentive! Take a look at our progress so far…

(Can you see the kids peeking between the panels as they hold them up so we can see how they look
on the stage all together?)
Happy Painting!