Friday, December 13, 2013

Black Glue and Watercolor Holiday Paintings

I found this fun idea on and tried it out last year.  Its highly adaptable to a variety of ages, but I use it with my 6th graders and they love it.  This year, we tried it with a holiday theme.  We talked a little bit about stained glass windows and how the lead lines in the stained glass not only hold the glass pieces together, but also add a design element to the piece.  We mimic that with the black glue, which provides a striking contrast to the bright painting. 

We brainstormed winter and holiday themed ideas on the board to give students lots of options and inspiration. 

I also encouraged them to do a heavy wash of whatever color they were using, then use a little paper towel to dab at the middle of the space so the center of each area would "glow."  (Some students used this more than others.)  Overall, a great project to use to  work on composition and  craftsmanship!  Happy Holidays!

(**Note:  This year I tried using tempera in the glue instead of acrylic paint... stick with the acrylic!  It "puffs up" better!) :-)