Tuesday, October 4, 2011

In My Back Pocket

If I have done my job right, junior and senior art students are much more independent creators than their younger counterparts, so I often like to give them an open-ended assignment and let them see where it takes them.  I had a large number of old jeans that were ripped and faded and in need of a new life.  I cut the back pockets out of each pair of jeans and gave each student a pocket.  Their job was to create an artwork that incorporated the pocket in whatever way they saw fit.  I also kept the scraps of jeans in the art room, in case someone needed other bits for their project.

Students were off and running with this artwork!  They had their choice of media so we had everything from oil pastels to paint to shaded pencil to collage being experimented with.  It is so gratifying when you see students creating their own expressions of an idea!